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Closing the loop at Umicore

We see value where others see waste, we are resourceful. Be it for batteries from electric vehicles or  portable applications and for production scrap,  we are a pioneer in offering a closed loop approach for your end-of-life lithium-ion rechargeable battery. We are a leader in running one of the most advanced battery recycling solutions at industrial scale.

Our proprietary technology recovers copper, cobalt, nickel and lithium into their purest battery-grade form in an eco-efficient way. These valuable metals can then be re-transformed into active cathode materials for the production of new rechargeable batteries. Our solutions meet the growing demand of sustainably sourced materials while lowering environmental impact.  

In fact, our closed-loop business model is fundamental to our partnership strategies, and a true differentiator. From battery to battery, preserving the environment and the earth’s natural resources. 

Our closed loop approach

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